Our homes have always been sanctuaries but they became more important to us than ever in 2020 as we spent so much time away from the office and were unable to travel.

As a result of the global health crisis, the way we use our homes underwent what was probably the fastest evolution in history. They became a multi-purpose place of refuge where we eat, sleep, socialise, relax and, increasingly, work.

If your place needs updating, you don’t necessarily have to do a full renovation. Here are some interior design trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

Natural tones

Natural-look home decor has come back into style. Think classic cane furniture, jute/rattan rugs and earthy-inspired colours that will make your home feel like a haven.

A recent feature in Better Homes and Gardens magazine points to “warm neutrals” and a shift away from the grey tones that have been popular in recent years to more of a “pancake” colour palette.

Wooden pieces are also hot property now. Look for oak tables and other light-coloured timber accents in your furniture and try mixing and matching for a more organic look.

Disappearing acts

A ‘hidden kitchen’ stores everything you need in clever cabinetry that integrates seamlessly with your living space.

Cabinet doors hide fridges and dishwashers, unsightly rubbish bins are tucked away in cabinetry and built-in coffee machines allow more space on benchtops.

While your cabinets won’t be the central focus point of your kitchen, you will still have everything you need to hand. You can even have ‘pocket doors’ installed, which slide back into the walls when opened.

Push-to-open cabinetry helps the kitchen to disappear even further, taking away the need for handles.

Secluded studies

While previous home trends have been all about open plan, new designs integrate the need for one or more private home offices. Instead of taking walls out, people are adding them back in so anyone who is working from home can take uninterrupted Zoom calls.

If you’re creating a home office, think about adding a stylish bookcase or some framed prints to give you a more professional-looking background when you are on screen.

Love your curves

Archways and rounded edges are back to give your home a welcoming ambience. Shop for what’s referred to as ‘sculptural’ armchairs, dining chairs, rugs and bedheads for that cosy, cocooning feel.

When you’re doing a major renovation, think about using arched doorways as a softening feature.

Goodbye white

If you’ve noticed that almost every home renovation show you have tuned into for the last 10 years had the decorators defaulting to white, you can breathe a sigh of relief because colour is back.

Add a touch of warmth to your bathroom with a coloured concrete basin in a powder blue or even a soft pink and consider colour for your splashbacks and kitchen cabinetry for a more individual look.

Don’t want to paint or install permanent fixtures in a shade you might get tired of? Bring in colourful highlights with cushions, rugs, lamps and throws.


Clutter-lovers rejoice! You can now keep all your beloved possessions and call it style.

One tip is to invite a home-styling specialist into your home, not to declutter but to arrange your belongings so they ‘flow’ and are easy to find. The stylist will get to work so you can come home to a fully catalogued record collection, tastefully hung paintings, a well-organised bookshelf and statement pieces arranged artfully around your home.

Maximalism calls for a range of textures and layers so you can showcase all your favourites and never feel guilty about heading to a homewares sale. And think about wallpaper or a mural in a fantastically creative design – you only need to keep it for as long as you love it.


This phrase is a Swedish/Norwegian word that translates as ‘just right’. It is about the balance between minimalist and maximalist, and when related to interior style it means you have ‘ just enough’ of everything to promote a comfortable, stress-free environment.

As an interior decoration trend, the Lagom style is simple, practical and focused on quality rather than quantity.

Shop local

Once upon a time, we travelled the world and brought home artefacts from far-flung places. Now, the trend is to support our local artisans and shop closer to home. Supporting artists, designers and creators who are based in Australia is a great way to contribute to the economy.

Go all out and commission a one-of-a-kind piece from a local furniture maker, painter or textile artist. It will create a wonderful talking point in your home.

An up-to-date home featuring modern interiors can increase its value as well as making it more comfortable and stylish for you. Contact De Brennan Property to find out how much your home is worth today.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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