Mosmanites are fortunate to live within walking distance of The Orpheum, one of the most beautiful cinemas in the country. While we enjoy our time at the theatre, the COVID-19 pandemic has us pondering ways to recreate a similar look and feel in the comfort of our homes.

Read on for tips on how to set up a home theatre system complete with luxury amenities.

Step 1: Space and interior design ideas

Designing a home theatre room is not as difficult as it sounds. The first thing you will need is a spare room to convert into a mini-theatre. Bigger is better for sizing, but homeowners can make any space work with a little creativity. For a fully-immersive experience, a room that is 20 x 15 feet with high ceilings is ideal. Smaller family rooms also work if in a pinch with a reduced-size screen and less seating.

Once you have space, decide what components you want to include and create a home theatre setup diagram. Pinning and researching movie rooms on Pinterest and saving inspirational images can help with design ideas. If you are really stuck for a design direction, consult an interior designer.

Step 2: Staggered seating

What is a home theatre without staggered seating reminiscent of a real theatre? Staggering seating improves line of sight from the seat to the screen for all guests. There are four recommended ways to configure your seating during your home theatre installation.

  • Alternating chair sizes within rows
  • Alternating the size and quantity of chairs in a row
  • Increasing the chair count by one in each consecutive row
  • Shifting alternate rows by a half chair

If you are working with a home theatre setup for a small room, you may not have adequate space to stagger seating and should stick with a single row.

Step 3: Choosing a home theatre system

Choosing a home theatre system is an important part of the setup process. You will want one that not only fits into space you have available, but that also reflects your expectations for superior sight and sound. The essentials of any home theatre include a projector and screen and a superior sound system.

Home cinema specialists can help build your perfect home theatre setup. In addition to carrying top-of-the-line home theatre equipment, they also provide expert installation services to ensure your home theatre experience is superb.

Step 4: Streaming

Choosing a streaming system is as important as the projector and sound system. Whichever device you choose, it will need to have HDMI in ports and a single HDMI out cable.

Step 5: Sound and soundproofing

The best home theatre systems include awesome surround-sound speakers that mimic the feel of being in a real theatre. Choose speakers that match the size of the room. Ideally, two large speakers near the screen and two additional speakers mounted in the ceiling provide the best sound. Absorbent acoustic panels and mass-loaded vinyl are two of the most popular soundproofing options.

Step 6: Sight

Sightlines are important when diagramming the setup for your home theatre system if you want to avoid blocked views and cramped necks. Detailed sightlines determine the placement of staggered seating, screen size, and sound system placement.

Step 7: Subtle lighting

The best home theatre rooms include subtle lighting to create a theatre ambience. Using dimmers in combination with a black ceiling can keep lighting from interfering with your viewing experience.

Step 8: Enhancing the experience

Extra touches can personalise your space and make it more comfortable. Climate control for year-round comfort is a great investment for your home theatre. Add some posters for your favourite box office hits or a corner bar with popcorn maker for handy access to snacking.

Added value to your home

When selling a prestige home in Mosman, a luxury home theatre is a drawcard. Give us a call if your home – and home theatre – is ready to go on the market.

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