An outdoor shower is nice to have. An outdoor bathroom is a luxury you deserve.

Spend time at a villa in Bali or the Maldives and you’ll realise how wonderfully decadent it is to shower or relax in the bath when you’re outside. This feature isn’t one many homes have so adding a bathroom to your Mosman property can really give it a point of difference.

Here’s what you need for the ultimate outdoor bathing experience.


First things first. You don’t want your neighbours getting too good a look if you’re going to be showering outside. Choose a part of your garden that is not too far from the house and isn’t in full view of the people next door.

If your children often have friends over to play, erect some screens around your outdoor bathroom to avoid any unexpected surprises. Simple screens can be purchased at hardware stores in a range of materials. A custom-made screen from a carpenter, metalworker or greenwall designer will add unique flair.

If you’re really lucky, you can position your outdoor bathroom so you have harbour views, while still enjoying your privacy.

Good plumbing + lights

Your plumber can provide a quote for running cold and, more importantly, hot water to your outdoor bathroom. The closer your bathroom is to the house, the less work they will have to do.

Choose exposed pipes for an industrial, outdoorsy look, or ask your plumber to hide their handiwork behind walls or columns. Ask for recommendations on the most robust materials for your showerhead and tapware. You don’t want pieces that rust and need replacing after a few rainy days.

You may also wish to speak to your plumber and landscaper about redirecting grey water from your outdoor bath to your garden. Use eco-friendly soaps and shampoos and the water you use will help give your plants life.

Get your electrician to install some lights if you want to use your bathroom after dark.

Luxury bathing

A waterfall showerhead and an ample tub will provide a blissful outdoor bathing experience.

Fortunately, bathtubs are already waterproof and therefore fine to install outdoors. You may wish to get a cover made, however, to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your tub. Doing this will reduce the need to clean it out before you hop in.

Have a cupboard installed so you have some fluffy towels to hand. Make sure it is sealed to prevent insects from moving in.

Add a bench seat to place clothes on (this could double as secure storage) and save your ‘threads’ from getting wet or ending up on the ground. If you have room, a rack or some hooks are also handy.

Fancy soap and shampoo dispensers look lovely but consider the rust factor and go for plastic. They can be refilled with your favourite products.

Choose the vibe

Will you go for a day-spa look with a green wall, smooth pebbles and timber platforms? Or an Australian theme with corrugated iron and organic-looking accessories? Perhaps some Moroccan tiles will give you the bathroom look you are after.

Spend some time browsing Pinterest, Houzz and other sites for inspiration. You are sure to find an outdoor bathroom style that knocks your socks off.

No room for a bathroom outside? Create the best of both worlds by upgrading your inside bathroom. If the location and size permits, add some big sliding windows or doors. This will give you the option to bring the outside in when the weather permits.

Picture yourself showering in steamy water after a trip to the beach or on a warm summer’s morning/evening. It can even be a wonderful treat to relax in a hot bath on a cold winter’s night with some candles flickering beside you. Just remember to bring a very warm robe before you leave the house.

Nothing says ‘Australian life’ like this kind of home addition. You will feel as though you are on a tropical holiday all year round.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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