Thinking about restyling your Mosman home in 2019? Maybe you’re ready for a change or you’re planning to sell at some stage in the new year.

If your home has plenty of natural light and a contemporary feel, take a look at one of the hottest new trends, dubbed ‘California Cool’.

What is this new interior style all about? Promoted by Vogue, Houzz and the US’s House & Home, the look is the epitome of west coast, California living. Part glam, part bohemian, California Cool reflects the type of Hollywood celebrity who manages to appear completely laid back while having it all together.

A California Cool home blends modern with vintage and is eclectic without being cluttered. The look is casual, welcoming and made for living, without sacrificing elegance or class.

Here are some tips for creating a California Cool look for your home, along with some inspiration.

Go for understated and neutral upholstery

In a Cali-Cool home, couches, day-beds and linen should be white, off-white, or in muted tones. Choose interesting textures like velvet or faux fur so the piece doesn’t disappear into the room.

This style is about comfort as well as looks so don’t be afraid to create cozy zones in your home with soft blankets and luxurious cushions.

It’s all about the rug

Key to this trend is a statement floor rug, usually in a Persian or Middle Eastern style. Invest in quality and this rug will stand up to heavy foot-traffic and serve as a talking point for many years.

If possible, find a vintage treasure to add to the authentic bohemian look (or better yet, take a trip to Morocco or Turkey and have your new floor covering shipped home). You may find you can create a great-looking effect by layering more than one rug.

california cool rug

This rug is certainly a talking point. Pic: Lauren Soloff / Nancy Neil

Make a statement

Oversized artworks and prints feature heavily in California Cool chic. For an interesting twist, leave these larger artworks on the floor instead of mounting them.

You can also make features out of large items which would usually be stored away. Surfboards, guitars, vintage skateboards or even wall-mounted driftwood (interesting, treated pieces, of course) can give a room personality.


Bring your surfboards out of the garage, clean them up and put them on show. Pic: Happy Mundane

Go organic

Speaking of which, wood is a material that is highlighted in this style of home, along with other nature-sourced, bohemian pieces. Look for woven baskets, interesting stone pieces or even ethically sourced bone.

California Cool

A bone inlay chest of drawers is so California Cool. Pic: Fenton & Fenton

Bring the outdoors in

A house plant with rich green foliage enhances the laid-back vibe of your freshly styled California Cool home. Don’t be afraid to go big, with a tropical philodendron, some lucky bamboo, or an almost-indestructible Cast-Iron plant. These are low maintenance, adding greenery without needing a lot of attention.

Minimise clutter

This style is all about artful placement of coffee table books and knick-knacks. Keep these to a minimum but don’t over-curate so your home looks too ‘done’.

california cool

Curated clutter from designer Pic: Amber Interiors

Keep it light

Light or whitewashed walls are called for if you want to stick to California Cool, although you can add personality with some feature wallpaper.

Designers also suggest featuring panelled walls in places, to add texture and character.

Which homes suit California Cool?

California Cool suits a home with lots of natural light and a modern layout. It will flow well in a place with indoor/outdoor living. You can use this style to complement an older home as it mixes modern with bohemian.

When styling your home to your personal taste, include lots of items you love and that reflect your personality. If you’re looking to update the presentation of your Mosman property to sell, a California Cool feel can be appealing to buyers, but be wary of going overboard. To attract a wider range of bidders, less is more.

For interiors advice or guidance on selling your Mosman property, contact De Brennan Property.

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