One of the main benefits of having a generously sized Mosman home is being able to work out in comfort and privacy.

If feeling healthy and looking good is important to you and your family, it makes sense to invest in creating a purpose-built space. Having a home gym means you can work up a sweat at any time without having to find parking, wait to use your favourite equipment or worry about who is around you.

Convert a garage, set aside a room or extend your Mosman home to include a luxury home gym and don’t forget these essential elements:

Home gym equipment

The equipment you invest in depends on how you prefer to work out. Most gyms include the following:

-Treadmill / elliptical
-Exercise bike
-Weights station and weights bench
-Free weights including dumbbells and kettle bells (and a rack for storing them)
-Fit balls and mats

Before you choose equipment, consider how much space you have. You don’t want to be squeezing around machines and stepping over weights during your workout.

Weights are as important as cardio, but choose options you know you can work with so you don’t wind up with an injury straight off the bat.

The vast range of treadmills and exercise bikes available for home use can be overwhelming, with endless options. For example, do you want to run on an incline, do you want extended handles to hold or do you want to be able to sprint faster than 16km per hour?

Technology exists now to connect to your workout machines via bluetooth so you can control your music and track your runs via apps. High-end models even incorporate screens so you can watch Netflix as you run.

Talk to a gym equipment specialist once you know what you’d prefer and they can make recommendations about the most reliable and sturdy machines. Don’t forget to discuss warranties.

Home gym essentials

As well as equipment, your home gym should be designed for optimum usability.

Mirrored walls will help you check your technique. Sprung or padded/rubber flooring will prevent injury.

You may also want to hook up television screens and sound systems to give you motivation and distraction while you work out. Mount screens at or above eye level directly in front of where you plan to place your treadmill or bike so you don’t end up straining your neck.

If you’re working with a personal trainer regularly, make sure there is space to do some floor exercises.

Get your plumber to plumb in a water filtering tap and basin so you can rinse your face and fill up your water bottle.

Remote-controlled air conditioning is also essential in your Mosman home gym. You may not want to start at a lower temperature but as your pace increases it is handy to adjust the air con without having to cross the room to fiddle with controls.

Home gym accessories

For added convenience, include a rack for clean towels, a basket to throw dirty ones in and a small bathroom with a shower for after your workout.

You may also wish to mount a whiteboard so you can keep a visual track of your workouts if you prefer this method to using an app.

Keep a spray bottle of cleaner in your home gym so you can quickly wipe down your equipment after you have used it.

Experts are now claiming massage is the missing ingredient in many workouts so some foam rollers can be handy to help relieve tension in your muscles after your session.

Finally, the decor of your home gym should reflect the workouts you enjoy. Go for exposed brick and concrete if you prefer a CrossFit-style environment or choose cool shades if you want your gym to be a chill-out space. Optimise your views with large windows if you like to feel close to nature, even when you’re working out indoors.

Remember to go slow and steady when you work out. Start out by booking a few sessions with a trainer so you know the best techniques to build your strength and fitness without injuring yourself.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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