Why use a real estate agent?

After all, how hard is it to get a few photos of your property taken and list your home online with a nice description attached?

The truth is, there is so much more to your property sale than an advertisement on the internet. Yes, you will pay commission to a real estate agent, but in return they help turn your Mosman property into a place buyers can’t resist. This pushes up the competition and in turn, the final selling price.

Leveraging the many skills of a Mosman real estate agent will make a significant difference to the value of your home. Here’s why you should always get the help of someone with local experience.

Your agent knows what buyers want

You know your home inside and out but as a busy professional, you don’t live and breathe the property market the way a local Mosman real estate agent does.

Having attended dozens of open homes and dealt closely with hundreds of buyers, your real estate agent knows exactly what they are looking for. This expert will share their advice for which areas of your home should be upgraded or presented differently to be more appealing to the current market.

A real estate agent will save you time + money

Almost every home needs at least a little work done prior to being listed for sale and Mosman houses are generally no exception.

For most people, finding a good tradesperson is a stab in the dark. Good real estate agents, however, have an extensive list of reliable, efficient experts. With just a few phone calls, they can organise a cost-effective electrician, painter, carpenter and plumber, not to mention a property stylist. They will be able to hand over the job list and make sure you aren’t overspending.

Without the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent, you can waste days waiting for someone to get back to you and spend thousands of dollars on potentially unreliable tradespeople.

Agents provide an accurate property valuation

When you work with an agent who is experienced and knowledgeable, the value they share for your property will be based not only on the property’s features but the current local market as well. Your valuer will have done a great deal of research before even setting foot on your property so they can give an informed estimate.

An accurate valuation may be less than an inaccurate one in terms of dollars. However, because it is realistic and in line with current property prices, you will be saved from disappointment. Your agent will also prevent you from holding out for a higher offer and losing the completely reasonable one that is already on the table.

Your Mosman real estate agent has connections

Many home sellers believe selling a home is a matter of putting the advertisement on the internet and waiting for people to show up. Of course, this is part of your strategy but locally based buyer numbers can be limited in the Mosman area due to price barriers.

A lot of demand for Mosman properties comes from overseas, including expats. When you work with a local Mosman real estate agent, they will have an extensive database of contacts who they know are interested in buying. A good agent will work around the clock to keep in touch with these qualified buyers, letting them know what properties are coming on the market and managing negotiations.

Your agent will also give local contacts a call to remind them to attend your home open.

An expert negotiator

Finally, negotiating is a significant skill your agent brings to the table. Buyers, in particular investors, can be experienced and astute negotiators. Many also seek representation from a buyers’ agent to remove the emotion from the process.

With an experienced Mosman real estate agent on your side, the outcome of your property sale negotiations will be far more satisfactory. They’ll know the value of your property in detail and will give you advice on which offer is the right one to accept.

If you don’t have an experienced, locally based real estate agent on your side, you stand to miss out on many tens of thousands of dollars (if not far more) on the sale of your home. You also risk wasting a great deal of time trying to find the ideal buyer or waiting for help from unreliable people. A great real estate agent will have you thrilled with the final result and is worth every penny.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

As Principal of De Brennan Property, I'm proud to offer a bespoke real estate service for clients with properties located in and around Mosman. Having repeatedly delivered record results across Sydney’s Lower North Shore, our proven home sale strategies achieve enviable prices for local, expat and international clientele. Your property campaign will be unique and tailored specifically to your property and it's ideal buyer. You'll receive daily contact from me alongside a personalised level of service from my dynamic team.

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