Make your Mosman home stand out with clever, outside-the-box interior features. These can reflect your personality, add a point of difference and even add value should you decide to sell.

The addition of a striking architectural feature can also update your home without the need for a huge renovation. Take a look at some of the following interior upgrade ideas for inspiration.

Living green walls

Major urban centres including Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney are blending nature with the built environment. Stunning organic features incorporated into high-rise buildings, shopping centres and apartment blocks. These look incredible, reduce urban heat, absorb noise and even act to cleanse the environment.

You can do this at your Mosman home on a smaller scale with a green feature wall made up of low-maintenance plants. When designed and installed correctly, the wall won’t need a great deal of watering on your part. It will bring nature indoors, acting as a calming botanical presence.

Green walls and moss walls can be added to foyers, hallways, bathrooms and anywhere you have the space. They can extend between floors for an even more striking touch.

Modern atriums

A completely glass room lets you enjoy the feeling of being outside, even on the cold days.

Atrium rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass and even glass ceilings to bring natural light flooding into your home. For a clever touch and to protect your privacy, you can install smart glass that switches from clear to opaque.

Some architects are creatively adding atrium-style rooms as internal features, to separate living areas without interrupting the flow of the home.

Remember that along with a budget for an atrium you will need to set aside funds for a regular window-cleaner to visit your Mosman home.

Feature ceilings

A pressed tin ceiling can be impressive in a period home, especially when the embossing is designed to match the home’s original style and features.

For a modern home, consider a statement timber ceiling. Wooden ceiling panels can be a uniform look or installed in a geometric pattern to be even more eye-catching. Modern exposed beams can look great and they don’t have to be completely uniform in the way they are placed and sized.

Tiled ceilings or embedded fairy lights are other ideas which will have your visitors gazing up in wonder. Add a statement fan or stunning chandelier to complete the picture.

Clever curves

Who says walls have to be straight? Cut out the corners with walls and even cupboards that reflect the waves of the ocean. This retro look can be enhanced with stylish curved tables and other furniture.

Ceilings and doorways can also be rounded off, to add distinctive lines to your contemporary Mosman home. Work with an architect for a result that flows beautifully.

Statement staircases

Stairs are a necessity but they don’t have to blend into the background. Some ideas that will stand out include what’s known as ‘floating’ stairs, which appear to be suspended in mid-air, and glass balustrades to keep your home feeling open and spacious.

Reclaimed timber stairs may suit your home, or two-tone steps using different materials and colours: for example timber on top and tiles on the front of the stairs. Some people incorporate bookcases under their stairs, which double as space to display your favourite knick knacks.

If you have kids, you could even consider a slide alongside your stairs for a fast getaway.

When considering architectural features, think about your family and your lifestyle. You don’t want elements that get in the way of comfortable living. It can also make sense to speak with your real estate agent about how these features will impact the value of your property.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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