Have you heard of a personal concierge?

Better than a butler, more than a housekeeper and more flexible than your workplace personal assistant, this person will make you feel like there are two of you (in a good way).

In Sydney, busy professionals rely on their concierge to take care of, well, everything. Here’s a hit-list of tasks your right-hand man or woman can free you from.

Household and financial matters

From picking up dry cleaning or parcels to managing your mail, your personal concierge is around when you can’t be. Generally, you won’t ask them to do cleaning or repair jobs but they can coordinate your cleaner and other tradespeople so you don’t have to.

Your personal concierge can do meal planning and fill your home with fresh flowers so it always looks beautiful when you arrive. When you find a good provider, you can rely on them to take care of your vehicle upkeep as well, including servicing and registration. Too easy!

Decluttering and organising can also be left to your concierge if you have run out of other tasks for them to do. Finally get your garden shed, kids’ bedrooms and kitchen the way you want them with this offsider’s help.

Technology and gadgets

Need help setting up your new sound system or getting your home up and running over WiFi? Leave this tedious job to your personal concierge, who can get their head around the instructions and deal with the password stress.

Your concierge can also jump online and secure event tickets for you so you don’t miss out, plus they can spend time doing research to compare insurance providers to save you money.


Beyond booking flights, ask your personal concierge to find the best hotels and arrange every detail of your itinerary for when you have time off with your family. They can confirm bookings before you leave so all you have to do is enjoy your holiday.

This professional will also take care of arranging insurance before you leave so you have peace of mind. With their help, you can arrange to have your home taken care of while you’re away (they can find a sitter, arrange to have your pets walked, whatever you need).

Mosman Professionals

On a professional level, your personal concierge can look after your schedule, manage your appointments, keep your inbox tidy and more.

Your offsider may require training for more complex tasks but they can be helpful if you are self-employed, if your company doesn’t want to pay for a full time assistant, or if your assistant needs an assistant.

Seniors in Mosman

With families living ever-separate lives, a personal concierge can play the role your offspring can’t.

This helpful provider can be relied on to provide transport to and from doctor’s appointments, to make sense of financial planner appointments or to provide a reliable airport transfer service.

For seniors who have adult children working full time or living far away, this service can reduce stress for everybody.

Personal Concierge: How it works

Your concierge should be level headed, organised, efficient and discreet. To make their fees worth it, you shouldn’t have to ask more than once and this professional should be one step ahead to anticipate your needs.

Unless you pay them a full time wage, which you can if you need the help, most concierges will charge by the hour. Starting from around $80AUD, you can book time in blocks, for example allocate eight hours a week to this person to help with tasks.

There are several companies and individuals offering the support of a personal concierge and different pricing packages. The benefit, as well as having fewer daily tasks to worry about, is getting back that precious non-renewable resource—your time. By outsourcing just a few hours per week, you’ll be able to spend this time relaxing, enjoying your family and making the most of your life.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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