The shutdown caused by COVID-19 saw a lot of Mosman families eating at home instead of dining out.

From sourdough bread to gourmet creations, the Mosman gourmet kitchen is experiencing a renaissance. For those who were wishing for more spare time at the start of 2020, the ban on travel and extracurricular activities finally allowed us to indulge our cooking skills.

There is nothing more satisfying than pulling a freshly baked loaf from the oven or finally nailing one of the more complicated dishes from Gourmet Traveller. If you’re loving being in this part of the house but notice yours could do with an upgrade, here are some of the latest gadgets and design trends to make your Mosman kitchen even more enjoyable.

Best luxury kitchen appliances

Top of the line ovens and cooktops

When your oven sees a lot of activity, it is worth investing in a model with industrial capabilities.

Think six gas burners instead of four and an oven with plenty of room for a roast and all the trimmings. The latest models of high-end ovens include separate cooking spaces to allow you to roast in one and bake in the other at the same time. You can also have an in-built steam function. This prevents food from drying out and helps maintain nutritional value.

Some Electrolux models offer a ‘smart food probe’, which alerts you when your food reaches your desired core temperature and then switches the oven off to prevent overcooking.

If you do a lot of cooking but don’t enjoy cleaning up, top of the line ovens also give you a ‘pyrolytic’ function, which heats the inside of your oven to temperatures upwards of 400°C, reducing grease and food residue to ash. Once the oven returns to a safe temperature and unlocks itself, all you have to do is wipe the ash away. These ovens have special insulation to make sure the door doesn’t heat up more than your average cooker.

Take a look at some Australian oven reviews here:

The microwave drawer

Shelves are so yesterday and drawers are ‘in’ due to their convenience and easy access. Cue the microwave drawer.

These can be installed seamlessly into a wall cabinet or under a counter so your microwave doesn’t attract attention but you don’t have to crouch down to put food in. Good models have automatic sensors to prevent overcooking so it won’t matter if you accidentally key in 30 minutes instead of three. A quality microwave drawer will also have a good auto defrost function which determines cook time and the power level required. And of course it will come with WiFi connection and remote control.

Right now, if you really want a microwave drawer, you’ll have to import one from overseas and make sure it can be adjusted to suit Australian electricity requirements.

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Smart Fridge

Manufacturers have realised smart fridges need to have more than gimmicky functions that let you see if you’re about to run out of milk without opening the door.

If you’re upgrading your fridge, ask about these features:

• Humidity controlled spaces that allow you to set temperature and moisture levels
• Freezer drawers which pull open to save you from rummaging around
• Stylish glass doors; transparent or opaque
• Retractable shelves for greater storage flexibility
• Automatic door-opening sensor
• Inbuilt ‘bottle chill’ function to quickly cool wine or soft drink
• Customisable handles
• ‘Precise fill’ water dispensing
• Smart features that let you order groceries from a panel in the fridge door

There are also fridge models that offer instant hot as well as cold water. Again, you may have to shop overseas but this is a thrilling concept if you love a quick cup of tea.

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New trends in Mosman gourmet kitchen design

Invisible kitchen

The invisible kitchen looks like a bench and a set of cupboards without evidence of a fridge, dishwasher or other appliances. It’s a must for a sleek, minimalist home.

These kitchens work well in an open plan space. Each appliance is tucked behind a cabinet door or drawer and there is clever use of cavities which make it easy to ‘hide’ your toaster, coffee machine and other small appliances, while still having them in reach for daily use.

Butler’s pantry

This old trend made new is an excellent addition to an invisible kitchen because it puts all your food and bulky items out of sight but makes everything easy to access.

With a butler’s pantry, you can walk in and find what you need from the floor to ceiling shelving. The space can also double as your broom closet and be big enough to fit an extra fridge or chest freezer.

If you have the room, you’ll love the convenience of storing your food and even your crockey and additional appliances this way. The walk-in factor makes it so easy to grab a few ingredients and you can have a sensor light installed to keep your hands free.

Now you just need the butler…

Handle free kitchens

While smart fridges are now opening with a foot swipe, drawers and cupboards can be made to close with practically no effort.

The latest contemporary designs are all about a multi-tasking and free-flowing living. This allows for push-to-open (and close) cabinetry. The look is sleek and simple. Just be sure to invest in quality products because cheaper versions will stop working after a few months and drive you crazy by opening on their own or refusing to close tight.

Must have gourmet kitchen gadgets and accessories

If you want the latest luxury kitchen items in your home, these are some items to tick off:

• Coffee maker: Skip the pods and use a grinder for a more authentic flavour
• Thermomix: Make bread mix, ice cream, soups, risotto and more with hardly any effort
• Food processor: Chop, dice, blend and puree to your heart’s content
• Japanese knives: You’ll never regret paying a premium for these quality blades
• Filtered water tap for cleaner drinking water
• Mounted TV: Connect your screen to WiFi so you can cast your favourite recipe pages from your phone or tablet
• Statement pendant lights to impress your visitors
• Copper cookware for even heat distribution
• A bookshelf to display your favourite recipe books

Do your research before you invest as the price tag doesn’t always reflect the quality of the items you purchase. Take a look at customer reviews and product recommendation websites to see which items are worth spending money on and which cheaper models have actually proven themselves to be more reliable.

The kitchen is the focal point for every home so make your space workable and visually appealing to maintain your property’s value.

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