Is there anything better than cruising around on a boat? There’s something so special about sailing the waters of Sydney Harbour on a summer afternoon or taking part in a thrilling local regatta.

One of the luxuries of living in Mosman is the many access points it offers to the Harbour. This includes Balmoral Beach and The Spit, which are home to many a luxury vessel.

If you’re a keen sailor or you’d like to spend more time on the water, you certainly don’t have to travel far to live the life aquatic.

Where to moor your vessel

d’Albora Marinas and Middle Harbour Yacht Club are the iconic locations to moor your boat at The Spit, just north of Mosman.

d’albora accommodates anything from jet skis and kayaks up to super yacht size, with both wet berths and dry boat storage. In return for your fees, your boat is looked after around the clock. It will be inspected daily by an accredited dock master and you can access a tender service every day of the year.

You can also chat to d’albora about your next seafaring purchase or the sale of your current vessel.

A hop, skip and jump away at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, over 100 berths are leased to full, senior and life members. You must maintain a current membership to have a berth allocated and there is a waiting list, so plan ahead if you want to moor a vessel here.

The club has a proud history dating back to the 1930s and has a year round calendar of events, including its annual Barefoot Ball.

You may also be able to secure a spot for your boat at Balmoral Boatshed. Your mooring will be fully maintained, with tender operating seven days a week.

There are private moorings on offer off the shores of Balmoral, which you can apply for via the NSW Government. The catch is that the wait list is extensive thanks to the popularity of this beautiful spot.

Learn to sail

Before you buy a yacht, it helps to know how to sail one! This skill can be picked up quickly by almost anybody at almost any age and opens the door to a world of adventure and entertainment.

Some of the places where you can learn to sail in Mosman include:

* Flying Fish Sail Academy (part of the Middle Harbour Yacht Club). Try a three hour or full day introduction to sailing, or sign up to earn your boat licence.
* Balmoral Sailing School at the Balmoral Sailing Club. This training venue offers sailing lessons for adults and kids, plus you can also try your hand at windsurfing.

Hire a boat

If you love boats but don’t want one of your own, local Mosman sailing clubs and marinas also provide the opportunity to get out on the water for the day.

Balmoral Boatshed offers tinnies you can operate without a licence if you’re looking for a fishing adventure close to shore. This can be a fun excursion with the kids or out of town visitors.

Further south, you can hire a range of vessels and depart from Mosman Bay Wharf. Boat Hire Sydney offers catamarans and luxury cruisers in a range of sizes, with fees charged by the hour.

If you’re looking to be a little closer to sea level, you could always pick up a kayak from Sydney Harbour Kayaks. Schedule an early morning outing and paddle to Balmoral for a coffee, journeying back before the wind picks up for the day.

With such a beautiful harbour, it’s a shame not to make the most of it at every opportunity. There are endless ways to enjoy the local waters but don’t forget to keep responsible boating in mind.

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Jonathon De Brennan & team

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