The change of season is a great time to refresh your Mosman home’s interior to suit the weather and lighting outside. You don’t have to go ahead with a full overhaul, just make some upgrades to bring your home up to date.

If you’re looking to revitalise your interior during the cooler months, these key trends can create a cosy, tranquil and comfortable interior.

Warm colours

Colour is a good place to start when updating your home this winter. According to Elle Australia, terracotta, warm peach and coral pink tones are the trending colours of 2019. These shades provide inviting warmth on a chilly winter’s day. They also create a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home, giving it a more seamless feel.

Dark, richer hues such as merlot, teal and even gold are also coming back into fashion. Use these sparingly as they can darken a space or feel overwhelming when used excessively. A velvet armchair, floor rug or some throw cushions in these rich tones are ideal.

Organic textures and shapes

This trend is huge, and brings that Scandinavian feel to your home. Try introducing organic materials and textiles to provide texture, depth and comfort without sacrificing style. This includes plush wool cushions, woven textile art and luxuriant upholstery. Look for natural or painted wicker chairs or coffee tables and rattan mats.

Timeless materials like wood and stone for floors always provide a great natural canvas for the inside of your home.

Meanwhile, rounded, soft and curved shapes should inspire your choice of furniture and décor this season. Find decorative pieces that are sustainably sourced or produced from recycled materials, such as white resin coral, jute, rice paper and clay. This is a great way to add individuality to a room as these items will have their own unique feel and shape that outlives passing trends.

Have a browse in your local Mosman designer furniture shops and you’ll find some pieces to fall in love with.

Functionality works

Vogue Living recently highlighted the trend of making your home functional and comfortable rather than decorative and impractical. For instance, use baskets and hollow ottomans for storing as well as furnishing.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, colours and prints for art and accessories. Choose what you like and what suits your lifestyle to create a more relaxed, practical feel that reflects your own personal touch.

Bold and black in the bathroom

You can afford to be a little more dramatic in your bathroom because it’s separate from the rest of your home, so let your creativity flow.

If you want to make a statement, go for something a little more edgy. It doesn’t get bolder than making your bathroom black and gold, as suggested by Elle Decor and The Monsyeur’s Journal.

Keep it simple

Here are a few easy tips on creating a natural, cosy, seamless and inviting feel to your home:

  • Plants – it’s easy to adorn a room with colour and life by adding a well-placed pot, or five, somewhere in each room. Plants are definitely on trend for 2019’s focus on natural materials.
  • De-clutter – it’s time to move away from an overabundance of eclectic trinkets.
  • Personalise with art – the minimalist, sparse look is out of vogue right now so pick something you love and hang it. The bigger and bolder, the better.
  • Add softness – nothing says winter like cosy, plush interiors. Put a soft rug down and add a warm throw to your sofa.

It’s important to come up with your own ideas to reflect your personality and style, but it can be a good idea to enlist the help of an interior designer to ensure everything comes together and matches your vision. Your stylist will have expertise and knowledge about the latest trends, and will also know where to source the most unique items.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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