The suburb of Mosman has always been known as a safe, peaceful and wonderful place ideal for families. And now that the coronavirus lockdown rules have eased, restaurants here can already have up to 50 patrons. Foodservice establishments have also begun to promote their opening dates this month, being June 2020.

A lot of people may still be anxious about spending time outdoors and mingling with others, but there are safe alternatives they can try. One is taking advantage of gourmet food delivery services. This way, you have access to the menu you love and can conveniently enjoy the food delivered straight to your home. You can also opt for small restaurant party bookings limited to ten people at a time, so you can have a bit of chitchat with friends and family over your favourite meal.

Mosman restaurants to the rescue

We think it’s time to give recognition to Mosman restaurants that have been proactive, responsive and innovative in their approach to serving Mosmanites throughout the lockdown period. So, without further ado, here’s a list of four Mosman restaurants that continue to do us proud:

1. Gunners Barracks

Famous for being a heritage North Shore location, with its breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour, Gunners Barracks offers a contemporary Australian menu that’s perfectly suitable for special events, business lunches or weekday meet-ups with friends and family.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gunners Barracks introduced their Yes Chef! home-delivered gourmet meals, which can be ordered a day before their Tuesday to Saturday delivery days. So, if you’re craving for some beef bourguignon, potato gratin or fancy pavlova, make sure you check out their extensive menu of delicious gourmet treats.

2. Bathers’ Pavilion

Located at Balmoral Beach, with a picturesque view of the Middle Harbour, the Bathers’ Pavilion is a popular beachside restaurant for special events and casual meals.

Their special lockdown offering is their Bathers’ at Home bistro pickup and delivery menu. Their menu includes single-serving and family meals, sides, desserts, cakes, wines and cocktails (Negroni, Manhattan, Martini, anyone?), as well as pantry staples and prepared pizza dough that you can use at home.

3. DC’s Restaurant

Famous for their delicious Italian offerings, DC’s Restaurant now conveniently offers takeaway and delivery services, thereby adding to the cuisine options for Mosmanites. They are also open for small lunch and dinner parties for two sittings (maximum of 10 people per sitting) on set days and times.

So, you can have your dose of the best Italian food whether you want to dine in or order takeaway or delivery. Plus, they also offer pre-made pour-over-ice 500mL cocktails like Negroni and Margarita, so you can get a nice, pleasant buzz without the need to step out of your home.

4. Tran’s Restaurant by Lanna

Hailed by some diners as the best Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney, Chef Lanna’s Tran’s offers yummy Vietnamese fare that’s a delight to the palate and the eyes.

To make the best of Vietnamese comfort food available to Mosmanites during the lockdown, Tran’s began offering takeaway service and launched Lanna’s Survival Soups. This is actually the famous Vietnamese phở in chicken or vegetable flavours. Topped with bean sprouts, fresh cilantro, thin slices of hot peppers (optional) and basil, plus a squeeze of lime – Lanna’s Survival Soups are truly a delicious, comforting and immune system-boosting concoction!

Mosmaniste food choices expand

The coronavirus lockdown may have dampened our spirits a tad, but it can’t take away the true Mosmanite spirit. And kudos to our favourite neighbourhood restaurateurs, chefs and foodservice establishments for continuing to delight our palates amidst the lockdown!

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