The property market in Mosman has been performing incredibly well over the past fifteen years and even while some suburbs in Sydney have slowed, homes along the lower north shore continue to be in high demand.

If you own a property in Mosman and are currently living overseas (and not planning to return), you may want to consider the benefits of selling your property.

With very little stock on the market, it’s an excellent time to sell a home in Mosman. With hundreds of eager buyers in our database, we have plenty of people impatiently waiting for their dream home to come along. Could it be yours?

Selling your home whilst based abroad

In this highly connected world, it is now easier than ever to sell a property while you are living away from home. As long as you enlist the help of a proactive real estate team and an equally supportive conveyancer.

Do you need to be in town for the sale of your property? It’s totally up to you, but flying back to be physically present is not essential. Not even in the negotiation or signatory phase.

– Details matter

An agent that has prior experience working with international home sellers, will appreciate that they need to work a little harder than most to establish a rapport with you. Finding an agent that is willing to spend time, after hours, to talk with you either by telephone or video call is key.

Your agent can not work in silo – they’ll need to understand the virtues of your property alongside your goals and personal plans. Your real estate agent is representing you in your absence so it’s important they establish how quickly you want to sell and the optimal price you are hoping to achieve.

– Forewarned is forearmed

Your real agent should share up-to-the-minute information on current market conditions and painting a clear picture of what you should expect throughout your sales process. Being honest and transparent from both sides of the relationship will get you and your agent off on the right foot.

Take the time to discuss your preferred terms of sale with your real estate agent.

Take the time to discuss your preferred terms of sale with your real estate agency alongside what you enjoyed about living in the home. This will help your agent sell the virtues of your property in the marketing campaign.

It’s important that your agent can clearly articulate their strategy for reaching and attracting not only local buyers, by buyers based outside the suburb, interstate and overseas. Mosman is a popular location with foreign investors, particularly from the UK, Ireland and China.

– By private negotiation or public auction

Depending on your preferences, your home or investment can be listed for sale either by private treaty or by auction, which is a public forum in which there’s more transparency and opportunity to drive up the final property price. Again, your agent should be able to have strong reasoning as to which sales method is best for your particular property and why.

– Taking care of upgrades

One of the challenges of living overseas is managing home improvements or minor renovations when you’re not situated nearby. An experienced real estate agent will have a team to support you with this, alongside a raft of reputable tradespeople, cleaners, renovators, painters and stylists on call who can help. It’s not uncommon for a real estate agent to help project manage a home upgrade or at a minimum provide advise on the area to focus on that will increase the property price.

– Dealing with tenants

An unoccupied, professionally styled property can have a more immediate impact on buyers and be easier to sell, which may be worth the short-term loss in income. An experienced real estate agent will help you weigh up the benefits of keeping tenants on or requesting that they move out. Your agent will also be able to review your tenancy agreement and let you know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord.

– Communication is king

Having organised everything from a ‘facelift’ to major renovations for our overseas clients, we understand that keeping you in the loop and providing visual updates as to the progress is the best approach to giving you peace of mind, while you’re located overseas. That’s why regular photographs, cost tracking spreadsheets and weekly, and if needed daily check in’s are vital.

– Access to your agent around the clock

Having an agent you can reach outside of normal Australian business hours is a must. When deciding who should represent the sale of your property, find someone who prioritises being contactable around the clock.

Personal service to meet your expectations

The real estate agent you choose should minimise the stress for you while maximising your profit, whether you are based in Mosman, Sydney, interstate or overseas.

At De Brennan Property we specialise in supporting home sellers that are based overseas. In fact, we’ve even sold homes for clients whilst they’ve been on vacation. One such client headed off to Hawaii for two weeks and before they’d returned we had a sold sticker on their signboard, for a fantastic price of course!

So fear not, if you need to sell a property from abroad, we’re your real estate team!

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

As Principal of De Brennan Property, I'm proud to offer a bespoke real estate service for clients with properties located in and around Mosman. Having repeatedly delivered record results across Sydney’s Lower North Shore, our proven home sale strategies achieve enviable prices for local, expat and international clientele. Your property campaign will be unique and tailored specifically to your property and it's ideal buyer. You'll receive daily contact from me alongside a personalised level of service from my dynamic team.

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