The concept of wellness was a huge buzzword in the last decade but there’s no denying it has its place in our busy corporate lives.

To counter the endless stream of news and current affairs, constant email requests and social media updates, there needs to be a balance of peace, calm and quiet.

In a January post, real estate website Domain mentioned there is current buyer interest in purchasing homes which incorporate their own ‘wellness rooms’.

What is a wellness room?

The concept of the wellness room emerged originally in the corporate world. This type of space is the antidote to a non-stop office environment and provides a place where workers can go to chill out.

Downtown Sydney office blocks now have dedicated calm zones. An example is  Grosvenor Place’s Wellness Room. Located on Level 27 of the building, the space is “accessible to tenants in recognition of the role of wellbeing on productivity and workplace happiness”. Workers can participate in a series of weekly wellbeing classes, including meditation, Pilates and yoga.

Businesses of all sizes are inspired to provide this option. Even a small wellness room can give employees the opportunity to find peace and privacy. As a result, productivity and wellbeing can be boosted, along with mental health.

At home, your wellness room can be your cave of tranquility.

Setting up a wellness room at home

A granny flat or studio, unused garage space, attic room or spare room can easily be repurposed as a wellness room. Get a handyman or interior designer to help you come up with the best layout and features.

Make the space your own and focus on peace and calm. Incorporate elements like:

  • Beautiful scented candles or oil diffusers which have a relaxing scent
  • Easy to operate blinds or drapes to block out the sun
  • Connected speakers to stream your favourite meditation and soothing music
  • Calming colours in muted tones
  • A comfortable lounge or chairs with soft cushions
  • A decadently warm blanket
  • A wash basin and towels
  • A kettle and your favourite herbal tea
  • Soft lightning
  • A small drinks fridge with kombucha, kefir or iced tea (keep some gel-filled cooling eye masks inside as well for the ultimate chill-out)
  • Air conditioning for comfort
  • Potted plants that thrive in an indoor environment

Take a minimalist approach and avoid having clutter in your wellness room. Hang a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on the door to encourage family members to give you your privacy.

Your home gym can also be given a wellness once-over. Create a space as a breakout area for chilling out.

Invite your friends

Well, not everybody.

Your wellness room is ideal for your massage therapist, life coach, yoga or pilates instructor to visit. Having a purpose-built space will make your sessions more productive and enjoyable.

If your wellness room leads to family squabbles over who gets to use it and when, create a schedule so everyone can have their downtime or plan some sessions together.

Maximising your property value

A wellness room is definitely a nice to have and you can use it to unwind after a busy day or find a few moments of peace in the morning.

Having a space like this set up and ready to go is also a drawcard if you’re looking to sell your Mosman property in 2020. The trend for wellness shows no signs of slowing down and buyers will be impressed when they see a space devoted to self-care.

One word of advice: like media rooms, games rooms and formal dining rooms, the trends for extra space in your home will eventually change. When you set up your wellness room, incorporate elements that can easily be removed when the next owner decides to use the room for another purpose. They may need it for a new baby or as additional office space, so if it can be switched out with a coat of paint and new furniture this will add to buyer appeal.

Jonathon De Brennan & team

Jonathon De Brennan & team

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